My Purpose

We don’t always realize our dreams through some magical epiphany…I have never considered myself a goal-oriented person, not in the everyday sense anyway. My goals and dreams, for the most part, revolve around my family and simple things. My dreams and goals include things like making sure my girls grow up to be happy, making a home where roots run deep, turning moments into memories, and making the best out of what’s in front of me. However, in recent years, I have discovered a passion for writing and sharing personal stories that have impacted me. I write on things I love, things that have changed me, things that helped shape who I am.

I am a mom to two little girls. Two little girls that essentially redefined life for me. Two little girls, polar opposites. Two little girls that challenge my existence every chance they get. I am a wife to a college wrestling coach, a very successful one. Being a coach’s wife is not for the weak or weary. Marriage is hard. Marriage is sacrifice. Our marriage is going to end up being one of my most loved experiences. I am the daughter of two of the most unique human beings I’ve ever known. I was raised by them out of separate households, and I am stronger because of it. I am the granddaughter of four. And those four people impacted my childhood in the most precious of ways. Two of them watch over me from Heaven; two of them still watch over me here on earth.

In this blog, I share moments that I hold dear to my heart. Moments from the past. Moments from the present. It is essentially a memoir that I hope I can leave behind to my children and grandchildren. A collection of thoughts that I hope my readers can relate to. Some of them are funny, some of them are profound, some of them are sad. All of my posts reflect what’s written on my heart. All of them reflect beliefs and morals that make up this simple, appalachian, spirited woman. I hope you find joy in the posts I share. But, my greatest hope is that someone finds peace and comfort in the stories I tell. I don’t post everyday or as often as I’d like; I post when I feel the need. I post when I feel others need it. I post when spoken words seem impossible. Thanks for reading. My heart and soul pour out onto these pages. It is in the inspiration I find outside myself that continues to inspire me.


2 thoughts on “My Purpose

  1. Hi!

    I am not really sure how else to contact you since I can’t find a “contact me” link on your page, but I wanted to tell you that I really like your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can see my nomination of you here:

    Have a great day and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me through my site.


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    • Wow! I’m so honored that you nominated me for this award. I haven’t posted in a little while…life has been crazy busy, but I hope with summer break approaching that I can get back into it. Thank you so much!

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