The Lucky One


It’s funny…how I stumbled upon this. My mammaw sent me this. She was skilled at finding four-leaf clovers. I used to tease her about having a “secret patch” of them in her back yard when I was growing up. She found hundreds. It was abnormal. The woman could be mowing (in her shorts and stretchy tube top) and find at least 3. How does that happen?! It’s been a solid 10 years since I’ve found one! And I’d bet that there’s a large percentage of people out there that have NEVER found one. The week of her funeral, I went to her house and looked more than an hour for one…I wanted to find one for her. And I never did. But today, she sent me one…and I picked it, smiling the whole time.

I’m smiling, though, for a couple reasons….

First. I was on the phone with my daddy. My mammaw’s son. He was talking about something and it reminded me of her. I immediately said, “Alright, Bettye.” He laughed. Because he knew he sounded like her…I looked down and there it was. It’s like she was hollering at me from across the field at her house in Corryton. “Mandy, here it is!”  She wanted me to know she was there, and she wanted me to find it at that exact moment. She wanted me to tell Daddy. (Because I think sometimes he needs reminding she’s still watching over him.)

Second. Someone I love needed some good luck. Mammaw would find the clovers but would give them to people that she felt needed the luck most. I’m not going to tell who I gave it to, but that person knows, and that’s all that matters. And honestly, mammaw would’ve wanted this person to have it.

I pray all the time that I may see my mammaw and pappaw in my dreams. I pray that they send me a message they are together and happy. And I do dream about them from time to time, but today, my mammaw showed up. I felt her as soon as I picked that clover. She was there, right beside me…in her tube top, blue jean shorts, and white Ked sneakers. It was as if she handed it to me, and I’ve been smiling since I picked it. And while I hope it brings luck to the one I gave it to, I feel like I’m the lucky one for finding it.


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